Thursday, September 8, 2011

I did 2 things today!

I only did two things today.... my NICU project and make dinner. That's ok because I stayed up late reading The Help, because both LM an G went to bed early!

Project #1: burp cloths for the NICU.. sounds and looked super easy to make. Well it took me 2 days to do make ONE! They are cute and I bet it would be easy to make expect I don't sew that much and I am not really sure how to thread my machine properly. My nice neighbor came over twice to thread it for me. I have stuff to make 5 and by gosh I am going to make those 5. The NICU says they like to have 45 of one thing so that no baby gets left out................

Don't those look cute?!?!

This is what mine looked like:

Yeah... I bet after I make 45 mine will look awesome. One thing, I am a firm believer in washing fabric before sewing it. I washed the cloth diapers before sewing them and they kinda shrank BIG time. Don't let discourage you from making them, if you sew and need a cute present. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO MAKE THEM.

#2 I made this super tasty dinner!! You can find out how to make it HERE.

They were sooo EASY and YUMMY and husband like them too.


  1. I need to make those sloppy joes. Love.

  2. I thought your burb cloths looked great...might be a winter project for me too! So cute!