Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We are #1

Remember when I had the "other blog" That one just was not working for me, I am such a different person since I was actively writing there. So time for a new blog, ahhh the beauty of blogger. A cute story: How I came up with the name of this blog. Do you Pintrest? If you don't YOU SHOULD. One of my boards is called For LM and G. It is all the cute ideas I want to do so I can be a good mom to my boys.......... As I was adding stuff to it, I thought that would be an excellent name for the blog I want. So it was born and ment to be. Cute huh??

Back to Pintest. Man that place is more additive than crack or Facebook. HOURS and HOURS have been lost. Irony: This is where I store all the ideas for want I my house to look like and fun things to do with my kids. But I can't do those things because I am to busy looking at crap on there. All while the house is a disorganized mess and the kids are running around naked, watching TV, and eating cereal out of the box. Oh the vicious cycle of life. PS: my mom has taking over my account on there because she doesn't have facebook or twitter, which you are required to have. Huh.

G had a Drs appointment today. It went well he isn't having surgery anytime soon. We have to wait 2 weeks after he is of oxygen before he can even see the Dr again. Oh the life of a NICU graduate. I feel good about it. I like the doctor and he isn't to worried about his herinas/hydrocele. I am to tired to worry anyways.


  1. I love that you are writing again. And I am just entering the world wide web of pinterest... I need a lesson or two. :)

  2. Ah, I've missed so much! Haven't been blogging in awhile, thought I'd check in...sure glad I did!
    Happy to hear G is home. What a crazy, unnerving few months for you! Post some pictures!!!!