Friday, September 16, 2011

Freezer Dinners ?!?! Don't mind if I do!

Winter/ RSV season is quickly approaching which means, LM, G, and I won't be going out much. I am ok with that I am preparing myself in many ways.. crafts for me and LM, internet shoppings, and FREEZER MEALS!

I LOVE Freezer meals, making, eating, thinking, and even planning! Why not join a group, weeeellll I did that once and the hubster didn't care for that. What you did not like that one person made 3 quesidilla's for one of her meals? Yeah between not getting equal meals then having ones that sounded amazing ending up tasting like shizz. It was just not worth it. HECK, maybe some of the ladies didn't like my meals... It probably happened. Either way it wasn't for us.

SO my plan: I have to make dinner daily so why not make an extra meal? Why not take a Saturday and make a bunch of meals? I could do that and I am going to. To prepare I made a pretty awesome list, and I thought I would SHARE! Do I have recipes for all these things pretty much, and I am going to type them all up and share with you HECK NO.... just google, ask, or use your own recipe. I am not an exotic cook, I don't make things with more then 6 or 7 ingredients I pretty much have ADHD for cooking, but what I do make is pretty darn good. Here is the list and enjoy!

1. Lasgana Rolls *found on pinterst and looks GOOD
2. Apricot Chicken
3. Creamy Ranch Chicken w/noodles
4. Buttermilk Chicken
5. Sloppy Joes on garlic Bread amazing!!
6. Stuffed Pasta Shells
7. Stuffing Meatloaf * Amazing.. I might post this recipe soon.
8. Chicken rolls/pillow whatever you want to call them
9. Bacon Wrapped Chicken
10. Broccoli Cheese Soup
11. Santa Fe Cheese Soup
12. Raspberry Pork
13. Aloha Pork Chops
14.Chicken Caccatore
15.Honey Pork *Great for stir fry
16. Woodland Park Beef Sandwiches
17. Beef Stroganoff
18.Sweet and Sour meatballs
19. Cranberry Chicken
20. Kaluha Pork
21. Taco Braid
22. Beef Stew

There is my list!! I thought that would at least find links for a few of the dinners because I am nice like that! On an unrelated note: Tuesday was LMs 4th birthday It was a hit and worthy of its own post. And today it really feels like FALL YIPPPEEE.

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  1. YOu must post all these recipes! I decided to go all Suzy Homemaker on my ass, and am making lots of meals and trying to freeze them. I have made lasagna, Calico Beans, and chicken enchiladas so far.