Friday, February 3, 2012


Do you ever have thoughts that just nag at you and nag at you until you do something about it??? Well this post is my nag. For the past couple of nights I have even lost sleep about it. On facebook I follow several preemie groups, and they all have post of everyones stories. I have even been asked to post mine, I quickly poo pooed that idea, but it kept nagging at me. For one I don't think a lot of people know the whole story and my REAL thoughts and feelings about it. I also kept it super private because I almost died and I thought Gavin would die so I pretty much shut it out. However the anniversary of that great and terrible day is coming up SOON, and I am getting old so the details need to be recorded quickly.

So before we get into that THE FACTS:

I Had Gavin at 27 weeks.... 27 weeks out of 40 weeks. I completely missed our 3rd trimester! He was 1 lb 13 oz and spend a total of 96 days in the UVRMC NICU. That will always be a special place in my heart, more on that later.

The Reason for having Mr Gavin so early was due to me having severe unstable preeclampsia. Don't get if you are pregnant, it is not a good thing. I also think some part of it was due to me having gallstones... no body will say it, but it really did not help. Don't get those either. I had to have my gallbladder out when Gavin was in the NICU.... that was not fun.

More on this later.

Gavin at 2 weeks old


  1. OH, Leah, I had no idea! I have been on and of FB. He's so tiny and beautiful!

  2. Looooove you :)) and glad that neither of you died. What an ordeal. You are an amazing momma with a huz who rocks and your life is just beginning! Happy almost NICU bday gavvy. Thank you for spending 96 days with me!